The results of conformity assessment bodies, such as test reports, inspection reports and certificates can be recognised in other jurisdictions and by other bodies if there is confidence that the results have been generated in an appropriate way.

This is often confirmed through mutual recognition agreements or arrangements (MRAs) on acceptance of conformity assessment results, especially in the context of international trade and facilitating market access of goods and services. The MRAs normally include reciprocal assessment of each other’s facilities and competence so as to provide confidence in the conformity assessment results.

The relevant document, ISO/IEC Guide 68, provides information on the elements of an agreement and advice on setting up an agreement group, stressing the importance of using internationally agreed criteria such as those in the CASCO toolbox. It mentions peer assessment and accreditation as methods for establishing the basis for confidence in the results produced by the members of the group. The Guide also advises that these two techniques can be used in a complementary way as, for example, where accreditation can provide assurance on the organization and management systems of the members while peer assessment can concentrate on the technical aspects.


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Basic concepts
Everyone has an interest in finding out whether something meets their expectations.
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Techniques and Schemes
This section explains how to form schemes out of main conformity assessment techniques.
Attestations of conformity
Learn how to choose which parties should issue a statement as it can generate different results.
There are different types of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that can undertake CA activities.
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Recognition of CABs
There are several ways conformity assessment bodies (CABs) can be recognised.
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Recognition of CABs results
The results of CABs, can be recognised in other jurisdictions and by other bodies.