What is conformity assessment?

Conformity assessment is the term given to techniques and activities that ensure a product, process, service, system, installation, project, data, design, material, claim, person, body or organisation, or any combination thereof, fulfils specified requirements.

Since the 1970s the ISO policy committee on conformity assessment (ISO/CASCO) has published a series of International Standards that contain internationally agreed provisions for conformity assessment. These International Standards are revised and republished on a regular basis and are known collectively as the ‘CASCO toolbox’.

Why does it matter?

Every day conformity assessment impacts our lives from the time we wake up, when we turn on an electric switch, when we buy and consume our food, when we travel, when we are at work or play, when we answer the phone, when we use a health service, when we are enjoying the outdoors, when we turn on the television, when we relax in the evening and even when we are sleeping.

Conformity assessment matters as it gives all of us confidence and certainty about the environment in which we live.

Conformity assessment can be used in societies on a voluntary or regulatory (mandatory) basis. It can be used by regulators to help them implement public policy objectives, to confirm compliance and take corrective actions where necessary. When designed and used appropriately, mandatory conformity assessment requirements can enable efficient market operation and access, and protect health, safety and the environment.

topics on conformity assessment

Basic concepts
Everyone has an interest in finding out whether something meets their expectations.
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Techniques and Schemes
This section explains how to form schemes out of main conformity assessment techniques.
Attestations of conformity
Learn how to choose which parties should issue a statement as it can generate different results.


There are different types of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that can undertake CA activities.
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Recognition of CABs
There are several ways conformity assessment bodies (CABs) can be recognised.
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Recognition of CABs results
The results of CABs, can be recognised in other jurisdictions and by other bodies.